Great Things Grow Slowly

When we started this business in 2013, I definitely had expectations and plans.  I am a goal setter.  That part was easy.  Knowing the specifics of how to reach those goals was the hard part.

In the past 8 years of business, I have learned how to appreciate the process though.  This reminder from a friend today was a solid validation of what I have learned.

“Great Things Grow Slowly”

Indeed they do.

I did not wake up one day and naturally know how to do the things I love.  It took time to curate the ideas and implement the plans.  It’s still taking time  to take the next steps and grow, slowly.   The hardest part is not giving up.

2020 saw us check off a goal we have worked toward since we started this gig–having a website.  2021 has already made promises I am not sure it can keep.  But today, I am spending time writing out my next steps to see these ideas come to life.  And I can’t wait to share them with you!

So–hang in there friends.  It’s not going to be a better year unless you work at it.  And remember: great things grow slowly.  Enjoy the Journey.


The Path Back





It’s amazing what a dream can do.

Working as an event planner for over a decade, I was used to bringing dreams to life.  Each event I worked was carefully curated.  I wanted to bring about my clients ideas and surpass their expectations.

The thrill of city life, criss-crossing the country from one weekend to the next, pulling off exquisite events–it was invigorating! With 3 kids, 4 and under though, we began to feel as if we were quickly flying in the wrong direction → away from the things we loved.

When Blake and I started dreaming of a way we could work together, with our kids, that didn’t require so much time and energy traveling about, I wasn’t convinced it would happen.

But I dreamed.

And I prayed.

And we took steps of faith as they were put before us.

And someday, when you and I have two hours, I’ll invite you in for a cup of coffee and explain all the ways God brought us to where we are. But for now, enjoy the view.

With 5 kids, countless animals, and a farm waiting for your visit, we somehow managed to prayerfully curate the life we have.  It’s not perfect. But it definitely pulls in all our ideas and loves; and far exceeds our expectations, with every plot twist and turn.

We are looking forward to opening up The Path Back as it leads us into the next chapter of our life.  Join the journey with us, friends!